The Luscious Lifestyle w/ Blake Sterling: Perfect Scrambled Eggs


Hey Guys & Gals~

I’m beyond excited to join the on the On the Moovz blog family and share my tips to living The Luscious Lifestyle with you. My passion for living life in a more beautiful, organized and thoughtful way will influence all that I share. You’ll get a taste of personal tips, tricks & recipes as well as those from people who inspire me to live life a little more fabulously.

This week I wanted to share my simple yet very useful tip with EGGcellent puns, singing and one of my favorite tips on How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs. I can guarantee there will be a couple new tricks you haven’t used or seen before or your money back! Wait, this is free so just sit back, check it, try it and let me know your thoughts.


Living the Luscious Life,

Blake Sterling (Follow me on Moovz!)

P.S.  I have a bonus video where Kitty Hiccups, puts me on the spot and wants to know all about my fruits and veggies!