#LoveIsDiverse: The Magnum LGBT advertising that will make you feel pleasure goosebumps


Hooray!!! for Magnum on joining the list of those LGBT friendly brands who say “Yes to Diversity!” and “Love is Love!”.

The ice-cream brand just published this beautiful advertising clip celebrating same sex marriage. Along with the video, they also released a breathtaking statement where they fully supported and endorsed love in diversity by declaring that: “No matter who you are, where you come from or where you’re going, we all deserve to live in a society that’s more open, inclusive and accepting.”


Most importantly, Magnum celebrates those people who have been brave enough to stand for their true beliefs, and who have fought to pursue their happiness no matter what. They clearly are encouraging people to seek their individual freedom, and to jump those obstacles that society has imposed them to truly show off themselves and enjoy the pleasure of life.


Actually, seeking pleasure has been Magnum’s slogan for some years now, and the fact that they are connecting it with the joy of life and diversity makes us feel as a community really inspired and supported.


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