VIDEO: Move over Man Bun, MAN BRAIDING is Hot for Spring


Move over man bun, man braiding is taking over!  Ricardo Lauritzen (our “On the Moovz” Beauty Editor) was on set the other day for the new Cheap Undies product shoot.  A couple of the male models were asking how to man braid their hair.   Apparently this is a new hot trend for Spring and Summer 2016.

We asked Ricardo to teach Montgomery how to man braid Noah’s hair.  Why are the in their underwear?  Why the hell not?!   What is really the point in making them put on clothes any way? Braiding is easier when you are comfortable.  ?

I was not really very convinced about this trend, but after seeing the end result on Noah, I think I could kind of get into this idea, on certain guys.  What do you guys think?  Do you like the new man braid trend?

We would love to see you try the man braid and upload your photo to MOOVZ under #beauty with the #manbraid