Manuel Antonio: Costa Rica’s coziest LGBT spot


Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is a cherished area that the LGBT community has always called their own as a trendy hot gay destination in Central America. It is still one of the few areas in the country outside the capital San José where you will find gay bars, an exclusive gay hotel, numerous gay villas, and fabulous gay beach areas.

Some of the biggest attractions of Manuel Antonio are its idyllic beaches, parks, scenery and completely relaxed atmosphere – Pura Vida! As the “ticos” say. Visitors regularly hang out on the main beach, Playa Espadilla, Manuel Antonio’s largest and most crowded beach. It has the National Park at one end and Playita at the other far end crossing the rocks where surfing can be practiced. You will also find Playa Beisanz, Playa Doctor’s, and in the National Park you will find Playa Manuel Antonio and Playa Escondido.

Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

Playa Machas and Playa Vacas are also options. During day trips from Manuel Antonio you can encounter many isolated beaches at Playa Matapalo, from Baru national Reserve to Dominical, and Playa Ballena near Uvita.

Manuel Antonio regularly has gay parties at various locations, especially during the high season like Christmas and Easter.

gay tourists in Costa Rica

The area has had a long history of gay tourism. Some of the first hotels in Manuel Antonio were gay hotels. Much has changed in the area, but being gay in Manuel Antonio is seen as an important part of Manuel Antonio’s tourism industry. Gay people from San José and other parts of Costa Rica also come to relax and appreciate the amazing nature.

Tropical animal from Costa Rica

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