Australian Gay Artist Releases Marriage Equality Anthem

Alfie Arcuri, an Australian gay artist has opened up his heart in this new emotional same sex anthem: Love is Love.

The former “The Voice Australia” winner waited 24 years before revealing his sexuality on a very challenging coming out process. He wrote this upbeat melody to support Marriage Equality which has been quite emotionally taxing on the community in his home country, Australia and has currently developed into a very hot debate.

I have written an uplifting anthem for the campaign and i am trying to get it out as far and wide and to as many people as possible”, Alfie said to On The Moovz, in an aim to spread its #loveislove 💗 message beyond boundaries and as far as possible. “I wanted to put out a message that reflects my view and that of my friends and family” he added.


This song is an uplifting anthem to inspire the whole LGBT community around the world and it definitely serves as a reminder that Love is Love and that Love always wins.

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