Moovz & Global Public Figures Support LGBT Rights in Israel


Throughout the whole week, different messages and demonstrations of support for the LGBTQ community in Israel have been observed on social media, aiming for the demand of equal rights.

This Israeli LGBTQ movement has risen after a violent attack against a transgender woman and after a the proclamantion of a new law which deliberately discriminate against LGBT parents, and denies them to the right of being recognized as parents when having children through surrogacy,

In the upcoming week, the Israeli Supreme Court will rule on two cases of government discrimination against LGBT families, in which both couples have been denied to register as parents.

On July 22nd, a nation-wide strike leaded by the LGBT National Association will take place in Israel. The group has stated that On that day workers from the community, and likewise our supporters and partners, will not be present at work and will close their businesses to protest the blatant discrimination against the LGBT community and the deterioration that has begun recently due to the government’s efforts to roll back our campaign.”


Supported by dozens of international companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Teva; Domestic companies, labor unions and even some government agencies will join the strike and support the Israeli LGBTQ Community.

Along with this multinational companies, global influencers, social media advocates, public figures and other organizations have stood next to the LGBTQ rights in Israel through different kind of statements on their social media channels.





As an LGBT global social network, MOOVZ stands up as always for any kind or representation of LGBT rights in any corner of the world, and this is not the exception. We send out all of our support to our beloved community in Israel and we will continue to promote the respect of the right of being a parent, as well as to provide love to other human beings, such as children, no matter under which type of family they are raised or educated in. Love will always be love!


The MOOVZ Team.