VIDEO: My New Skin |Transgender Women Share Their Story


“My New Skin” project


MOOVZ is proud to release the “My New Skin” project, which features seven transgender female models. This photography and video project was created by Israeli photographer Ziv Sade, who is known for his artistic and passionate works of art. Ziv explains how “My New Skin” was created:

“As a child growing up and until now i was curious about “what makes a gender?” I was curious about the nature of things and how everything is evolving, and what it means to be a man or a woman. I can even remember as a child dressing up and pretending that I was a girl. I was curious what it was like to be in a women’s state of mind.

This project came about after I matured and developed relationships with my transgender friends. They made me realize we are all female and male , just in different levels. It was around 2015 when (Bruce Jenner made his transition into Caitlyn Jenner in a very public way) I started to have a lot of questions. I was confused because I realized people some how felt being transgender was taboo. I felt like Caitlyn had a responsibility to address this transphobia, but she left a lot of unanswered questions.

That is when I decided I wanted to create “My New Skin” as a way to give transgender women a voice and opportunity to tell their story. This project was a chance to let these girls explain how they feel and to show how beautiful and smart they are. I really want people to gain more knowledge and transgender awareness, and by doing so , they will hopefully give acceptance a chance.”

I have to say, Ziv did an amazing job in bringing his vision to life. You have to check out the stunning video! We also included two of the photos from the shoot below. You can see ALL of the photos on the MOOVZ app, under the #mynewskin. Under the #mynewskin you can also upload your own photo and share your story.

CLICK HERE, to see all the photos!


Models: Aurora Sexton, Sasha Colby

Slay Models: Chanel Viiperi, Olivia Storms, Cetine Dale, Claudia Charriez, Arisce Wanzer

Directed by Ziv Sade
Produced by: Moovz- Brad Hammer, Idan Matalon
Edited by: Dekel Lev
Makeup by: Aurora Sexton
Hair by: Timothy Willy
In Association with Slay Models

All Proceeds go to The Trevor Project

My new skin

My new skin