Drag Queen (Nina West) Inspired Sia’s Coachella Dress: Read Nina’s Response!


This has to be the best week ever for super star drag queen Nina West.  Nina just happens to be the Entertainment Editor for the On the Moovz blog.   We are so proud of her right now!

You see, Nina competed and won a drag pageant called Entertainer of the Year.   The winning gown she wore is legendary and has made the rounds on social media, going viral more than once!   Sia (Yes, the Sia) clearly took notice of this dress and used it as inspiration for her gown, this past week at Coachella!

Nina released this statement to On the Moovz,

“I am over the moon.  Sia is not only an artist and musician that I love and adore and have performed many times over the year, but as an activist, she has raised her voice for so many things that are so important to so many of us!  This includes:  LGBTQIA issues, animal rights, women’s rights, and beyond.  To even be acknowledged…I am speechless.”

Here is the dress Nina wore for Entertainer of the Year:

Here is the dress that Sia wore at Coachella:


















As you can see, it’s the same creative concept where the ruffles on the dress are actually the dancers!

You don’t have to just take our word for it!  Sia and Nina have been tweeting back and forth and Sia thanked Nina for the inspiration and even offered her tickets to her show! (see the conversation below)


















Congrats to Nina!  You can follow Nina on MOOVZ!