Pakistan makes history by presenting its first transgender news anchor in TV.


Marvia Malik, a 21-year-old journalist, hosted her first TV program on the Kohenoor network on Friday.

Her mediated debut went viral on social media within hours, and her hiring was praised by users from all over the world as a positive step forward in LGBT visibility in Pakistan, a very conservative country.  Malik said she was emotionally moved when she found out that she got hired for the position and that she hoped that she will represent an example that will improve the lives of other transgender people in Pakistan. The now famous anchor came out as a transgender woman to her family at age 15.

“We should be given equal rights and be considered ordinary citizens, instead of third-gender,” she stated in an interview for BBC.

“Our community should be treated equally and there must not be any gender discrimination. We should be given equal rights and be considered ordinary citizens, instead of third-gender,” she added.

There are numerous transgender people facing daily discrimination in Pakistan and who are marginalized by society. Transgender people struggle to find work and to be socially accepted in Pakistan leading them most of the time to end up working as prostitutes or begging in the streets.

This is definitely a great step for trans rights in Pakistan and an example to other conservative countries. It truly shows development in the social perception of the role of transgender people in social life.

Congratulations Pakistan!

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