POLLS 2018: Madrid Pride, preferred LGBT festival among the community


We are back with the results of our latest poll, and since pride season is just across the street, we wanted to know from the community, which LGBT culture festival is their favorite?

The poll was conducted for a week in MOOVZ, where users from all over the world were able to vote between the following: Madrid Pride, Fetish Week in Berlin, Circuit Barcelona or the Winter Party in Miami.

Of course, these are not all the LGBT festivals, but we know these are some of the most famous and most attended parties every year by the community. We also considered that these parties are so different between them and they are attended by people from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Therefore, another goal of the poll was to discover what do most people in the community are into.


Quiz in Moovz


This time Spain was again the winner, and Madrid Pride took the crown with 55% of all votes as the favorite LGBT festival of the community, followed by Winter party with 20%, Circuit Barcelona with 14% and Fetish Week with 11%. We could say that thanks to the fact that Madrid held the World Pride last year, it became a very popular destination for those who want to celebrate LGBT culture in so many different ways at one of the most gay-friendly destinations worldwide.  Madrid is a vibrant city and it hosts one of the most diverse assortment of places, events and attractions for the whole LGBT community.

In any case, we all are so different and we are into so many things, and we highly recommend any of these amazing events.

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Remember to keep on participating in our weekly polls at MOOVZ, the LGBT social app.