Pop Beef: The Art of Christian Cimoroni


Pop culture and gay perspective furiously smash into each other in artist Christian Cimoroni’s work. The artist and illustrator, based in Columbus, Ohio, manages to make strong commentary on gender identity, masculinity, and the glories of pop culture all while keeping tongue firmly planted in cheek. Sexy, evocative, and fun, Cimoroni has a wide range of style, but his work is often unified by his unique and playful view on the world.

Cimoroni is constantly working. His-finger-on-the-pulse rapid fire release of sexy Hollywood demigods whose names may be on the tip of everyone’s tongues or the latest incarnation of pop royalty like Lady Gaga or Beyonce seem to flow readily from his hands.

The ripe sexuality in much of his work evokes a little Tom of Finland while also bringing in some playful childlike inspiration. It is almost as if the hottest leather daddy in the bar is live and in technicolor and living with Sailor Moon on weekends.

Sometimes, you just wanna get down with a drawing. Is that so bad? Christian doesn’t seem to think so.

Check out some of his work below and find more of his work!

Tumblr: https://rebelrebelblackandwhite.tumblr.com

Instagram: @ccimoroni12


Ben Affleck as Batman

Holy Bat Beard! Ben Affleck as Batman.


Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Jason Momoa as Aquaman


blond girl

Philipe Blond


Queen Bey

Queen Bey, Formation


Deadpool Valentine

Deadpool Valentine


Pit Crew

Ohhhh, Pit Crew! Ohhh, Shawn!


woner women with a beard

Wonder Beard



Steve Raider


Fitness model


nerf haters

Come for me, Nerf Haters

Ariana Grande gif

Ariana Grande

Henry Cavill and Nina West

Henry Cavill and his new Louis Lane, Nina West