Pride Month Is Here! Is Your Brand Pride-Ready?


It’s this time of the year again, and LGBT individuals all over the world are getting ready for the annual pride events. Pride month is a month of traveling, partying and celebrations, and this carries a huge opportunity for LGBT-Friendly brands and organizations to position themselves in front of the right audience and penetrate the ‘Pink market’. So, is your brand Pride-Ready?


Pink Economy – why should you care?

Let’s start with some numbers… Nearly 7% of American adults are identifying themselves as LGBT, and 83% out of them consider themselves to be “out” to others.

So what differentiate this unique sector? well, A lot apparently- 81% of LGBT individuals live in urban areas comparing to 69% of the general population, 75% are employed comparing to 65% in the general population, 47% has a college degree comparing to 32% in the general population, their average yearly spending on consumer packaged goods is 25% higher and they make 16% more shopping excursions than average households, while spending about the same amount per trip. Should we go on…?

Apparently that doesn’t stop here, because the LGBT community is, after all, a community. And behaving as one, LGBT individuals tend to keep loyalty to brands who market to them specifically. In fact, 33% of American LGBT individuals reported boycotting a company that “support anti-LGBT causes” while 58% of them state they are more likely to buy everyday household items and services from companies that market to LGBT specifically. Add to this the spike in travel expenses near the pride month, the higher online reach and the higher engagement on social media and you got yourself the perfect customers for your brand.


gay consumers - LGBT marketing


LGBT Marketing – How to do it right?

Before you run over to Facebook and create a campaign targeting “man interested in man” and “woman interested in woman” let us save you the time- these targeting options are not available anymore, due to the latest changes of Facebook’s data usage policies. You can still target LGBT causes pages, or LGBT issues as an interest, but that will give you only a small portion of the actual population, together with a lot of straight allies. Going for media buying on LGBT news websites? Again you’re addressing a tiny little group inside this huge community. Thinking of sponsoring a pride event? Well, good luck with standing out in the crowd among the other bazillion brands out there…

So what is left to do…? Great question! Let’s start with taking a look at the blog you’re reading right now, this should give you a hint… Yep, you got it right! Moovz, the social network of the global LGBT community comes handy with a few different channels- First, you can advertise on Moovz app, reaching all the community at once or segment it as you wish. Second, the Moovz influencers’ network is at your service with social media shoutouts, influencers posts, targeted boosts and segmentation capabilities on Facebook and Instagram like no other. Then there’s this blog, which is read by more than 100K people a month, and many other channels to come…


What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the train…

Pride month is here already and the summer is just behind the corner. Stop waiting, if you have a value proposition for the LGBT community we’re here to help you spread the word! Send us your details here and expect a call or an email in the next 24 hours 👉


Good luck and happy pride!