Australians Wear the Pride Scarf to Celebrate Marriage Equality

A few weeks ago, the international fashion label MOGA released its very first rainbow coloured PRIDE scarf in honour of the LGTBIQ community and their undying commitment towards love, acceptance and inclusivity. They also launched a marriage equality advertisement featuring the fabulous ‘Pride Bride’, taken on the steps of Melbourne’s Parliament House to encourage Australia to SAY YES to love! And it worked, since last week Australia triumphantly said YES! to same sex marriage legislation.
Bride wearing the Pride Scarf by MOGA
As a modest fashion label with a large Muslim following, MOGA was unsure if they would receive a negative reaction to this campaign, given many religions are still largely intolerant towards LGBTI causes such as marriage equality. However, they were so thrilled with the almost universally positive reception that they received from all their fans and the fact that their PRIDE scarf sold out in just within 6 days! However, they took a step forward and saved their very last scarf to send to their former Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott, who has been one of the most vocal supporters of the No campaign for same sex marriage.
The Pride scarf


During one of the most critical and important times in Australia’s history, MOGA has stood up proud to voice their support for marriage equality in Australia. Their love and adoration towards the LGBTIQ community is strong enough and that is the main reason why they designed this limited edition rainbow striped PRIDE scarf in honour of the strength, bravery and inclusive spirit of the entire community.


The Pride Scarf


The PRIDE scarf can be worn by anyone, regardless of their skin colour, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. To demonstrate this, MOGA has even draped it as a hijab, to acknowledge that members of the LGBTIQ community exist in ALL religions, including Islam, which is sadly one of the most homophobic in the world. Through this campaign, it is hoped to a open a discussion and dialogue so LGBTIQ individuals can feel safe and proud of who they are.

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Girl wearing the pride scarf by MOGA


The PRIDE scarf is available exclusively via  ASOS Boutique and it can be shipped to several regions around the world.


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