Should It Bother You that the Gay “Prince Charming” Used to Be an Escort and Porn Star?


Recently Logo announced their new show which is a gay version of The Bachelor.   On paper Robert Sepulveda Jr. seemed to be the perfect man to play Prince Charming on “Finding Prince Charming.”   Then just a few days after they announced the show it was discovered that Robert used to be a rent boy and more recently we found out about his porn past.  It really is no surprise that there has been a big backlash with people saying that Robert makes the gay community look bad.   For me, I feel like the gay community needs to start being a little more supportive of our own LGBT family.   The majority of us have some skeletons in our closet too, so who are we to judge?

Robert said of the scandal:

“The past is the past. I was young and it helped through college. But what I want people to focus on is who I am today as an entrepreneur, as an activist. I started a non-profit and, you know, focusing on the show. That’s really what I want people to focus on.”

I think we should give Mr. Sepulveda a chance and stop judging people, especially our gay brothers!   I don’t understand how there is so much hate for the show already and it has not even aired yet!   I think we should all give the show a chance and then make our judgements.   It is nice to see a gay dating show, which never would have even been considered 20 years ago!   They also have an HIV positive cast member and hopefully that story line will break down some stereotypes that need to be addressed!

Of course this is my opinion and I want to hear yours!  You can share your feelings with us!   We have a discussion going on right now, on MOOVZ.   #question