Rodiney Santiago: The Ultimate Battling Ropes Workout


Hi everyone, I am really excited to post my first blog for On the Moovz.  I wanted to teach all of you about ropes, which are one of my favorite workouts.

These 12 Battling Ropes Exercise will leave you dripping sweat and begging for mercy! Many people don’t really know how to utilize ropes and make them a part of your work out.  That is why I wanted to show you how to do the Ultimate Battling Ropes Workout.  In the video I include 12 variations for a total body workout!

1. Alternating Big Waves
2. Alternating Small Waves
3. Clockwise Circles
4. Jumping Jacks
5. Power Slam
6. Russian Twist
7. Shuffle
8. Side to Side Waves
9. Ski Steps
10. In and Out Waves with Squat
11. Counter Clockwise Circles
12. Hip Toss

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Check out the video “The Ultimate Battling Ropes Workout” below!  Thanks and more videos coming soon!