Gay Men Surveyed About Safe Sex, PREP, HIV and the Results are SHOCKING!


Moovz recently added a feature on their popular LGBTQ application where users can take polls about things that relate to our community.   We recently did a series of anonymous polls/surveys powered by Impulse Group that asked 10,000 gay men about the following topics:  Condom use, PREP, and sleeping with someone who is HIV positive.

Some of the more shocking results are that 54% of users admit to not always using condoms and 77% have never heard of PREP.

Over half of the men surveyed have no issue with having sex with someone who is HIV positive, which is hopefully a sign that people are becoming more educated on safe sex and what undetectable means.


When asked about how often they use condoms:

Gay Men Condom Use


When asked about their knowledge of PREP:  

Gay Men and PREP survey


When asked about having sex with an HIV positive person:

Sex with HIV positive person


Keep on logging into MOOVZ and #playsafe for more updates and polls on safe sex and HIV awareness.

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