Let’s Make This Gay Couple Wish Come True! Only 24 Hours Left!


Last week we made reference to Israel’s government whether deciding on supporting same sex adoption. We want to introduce you Snir and Lior, a gay couple who have been struggling on fulfilling their wish on having a child and grow their little family due to these circumstances. Well, they found a way to make it happen and they need our help!

We are a big, strong, LGBT community and we want to help them to make their wish come true! Check their story below and help us on donating for this beautiful cause that will not only make a couple extremely happy, but also will make our community and rights more visible worldwide.

Donate by clicking HERE! They only missing 10% and they have less than 24 hrs left!


We’re Snir and Lior, a couple for the past three years. Along with our crazy dog Teddy, we’ve been our own little family. Pretty early on, we knew that we want to have kids but the road from a dream to reality was not what we hoped for.

When we decided to get married we learnt that it is simply impossible in Israel. Our wedding would have to be far, far away in Denmark, without our friends or family. It would be a happy one because it’s the day we declare to the world, we are one although we are alone.

Snir and Lior, gay couple

When we decided it’s time to expand our small family we started looking into our options. The first option that came to mind was adoption. Adoption was closed to us, being a same sex couple. The country decided that same sex couples are not fit to raise adopted children.

Offended by the suggestion, we looked into co-parenting a child only to find that legally one of us will never be the parent of the child. We are married, we are equal, the solution was not for us. And so we remained with our last hope – surrogacy.

Today, there are two options for same sex couples who decide to build a family with surrogacy – USA and Canada. Again, we found ourselves in need to leave our own home in search of happiness. We spoke to multiple surrogacy agencies, learned about the process as well as the financial burden that we are to withstand.

Snir, gay man with his dog

We decided that whatever the price is, whatever bumps we might hit on the road, we are going to start our family. So here’s why we’re writing this story of our beginning. Surrogacy may cost up to $150,000.

The amount is incomprehensible to us, it would mean saving every cent of our paycheck for the goal and still wait 4 years to get enough money. Well, that’s exactly what we did. For the past three years we have saved every little bit that we could just to make it here.

We are now asking from you to support us and other people like us to  make this journey bearable.

We believe that we, and people like us, would make amazing parents, people who have fought for their right to raise children.

We hope that while all our journeys so far has been far away from home and alone, you will join us and cross the finish line along with us, as a family, a community, as our beacon of light.


Snir and Lior

Snir and Lior, gay couple