Do Straight People Belong in Gay Bars?


“Weird Questions Gay Couples Get” went viral a few months back, but but recently it has been gaining even more attention since it was uploaded to Facebook.

I was reading some of the comments and was actually surprised by how many gay people are upset that straight people are “taking over their bars” and asking them weird questions.

It is true, in this day and age when you go to a gay bar, there are a lot of times just as many straight people there.  I don’t see why it’s even an issue to have straight people at gay bars.  In fact, I actually love bringing my straight friends to the gay bars with me!

I guess the real question here is…If we fought so hard and long to not be segregated, then why are we all the sudden trying to segregate ourselves?  Do we want equal rights, but not want to give them back?  I am really curious to hear both sides of this story, so log onto MOOVZ and sound off!

Here is the video that inspired this blog, which I find to be hilarious, but I can see how some of these questions are offensive.