Support Coming Out Football Players, No Matter Who They Score With


Whenever the media talks about homophobia in football, they focus on players coming out. Coming out is always an individual choice. But without doubt, it’s made easier when people know there’s support.

The #ComeOut2Play initiative is a Thunderclap campaign where a short, simple message is simultaneously sent to all the social media friends and followers of everyone who signs up. This gives us a massive potential reach of several million people, sending a powerful message, which reads: “If a gay footballer comes out, I’ll support them. It doesn’t matter who they score with off the pitch. #ComeOut2Play”

Most football fans and people in the football community want LGBT people in the game to feel safe and comfortable being themselves. It’s Thunderclap’s job to reassure all LGBT people in football that the vast majority of fans stand shoulder to shoulder with them.


This campaign is already being supported by the English Football League, political figures including shadow minister Dawn Butler and celebrities including John Bishop, Alan Carr, Piers Morgan and Katie Price. Its social reach at the moment is around 30 million so it’s going to be huge when the campaign hits its climax next Monday, December 18th.
Take part of this great initiative! All you need to do is to sign in to the thunderclap – totally secure and safe – and your support would help the campaign grow to the magnitude we all think it deserves. GO —> HERE, click on ‘support’, then you choose the social media channel of your choice and privately and securely enter your login details. There’s no risk and it’s pretty simple!
You can see more about the campaign and all supporters at: