15 days in jail for sharing this Vladimir Putin’s meme in Russia

Russian president Vladimir Putin ’s government is famous for being publicly anti-LGBT. Years ago he passed on policies which will ban any kind of ‘gay propaganda’ in Russia.   Media sources such as CNN recently informed that the Russian government has determined that it is 100% illegal to spread on social media the meme in […]

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Bryan Fischer Tweets that LGBT People Stole the Rainbow from God

  Bryan Fischer is at it again, he just tweeted that gay people stole the rainbow from GOD!  Yes, we are serious, he really just sent out that tweet! For those of you who don’t know who Bryan Fischer is, you can read more about him below, thanks to Wikipedia. Bryan Jonathan Fischer (born April […]

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Anti-Gay Activist Arrested for Child Pornography (Yep…Not A Transgender)

Another day and another “Christian” (Lisa Biron) arrested for child abuse.   Guess what?!  I didn’t hear any reports of a transgender person getting arrested today for child abuse.   Oh, and just so you know Lisa Biron is a member of an organization that has been fighting against gay rights for over 18 years. Lisa Biron […]