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VIDEO: DIVAS MEDLEY w/ Nina Bonina, Aja, Eureka, Aurora, Sasha, and more!

Imagine Britney, Xtina, Gaga, Mariah, Whitney, Beyoncé, and Rihanna all together in one video – well, this is as close as we can get! A rising pop star, Rupaul’s Drag Race Queens, and award-winning trans activists have come together to honor your favorite pop divas and celebrate PRIDE month in this epic mini-movie that will […]

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VIDEO: My New Skin |Transgender Women Share Their Story

“My New Skin” project   MOOVZ is proud to release the “My New Skin” project, which features seven transgender female models. This photography and video project was created by Israeli photographer Ziv Sade, who is known for his artistic and passionate works of art. Ziv explains how “My New Skin” was created: “As a child […]