PHOTOS: Braided Eyebrows are the New Hot Trend! Check them Out!

Trends come and go and we have a feeling this one won’t be around for long!  LOL Braided eyebrows are the latest beauty trend and they are definitely a LOOK.   I will admit that these do look better than the squiggly lined brows. What do you think?  Would you rock braided eyebrows? According to […]

Beauty Fitness

VIDEO: Jeffree Star Contours His Penis with Makeup

Jeffree Star is at it again and trying to make penis contouring the new trend in makeup.   Nothing seems to surprise me any more when it comes to these “celebrities.”   Now it does makes sense someone would want chiseled cheekbones, but a chiseled eggplant?   Besides that, makeup can’t taste good for your […]

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Is Chest Hair Officially IN? According to New York Times..YES

Every gay guy always has an opinion on their body hair preference.   It definitely does seem like the gay community has recently embraced body hair and beards.   The New York Times spoke with Christopher Oldstone-Moore, the author of the 2015 book “Of Beards and Men” and a senior lecturer at Wright State University, […]