NYC: The Beginning of my Story


Well everyone let’s do this…

I’m Juan De La Torre, Some people think I’m extremely young but no, I’m  26 years old.. damn almost 30!!. I’m half brazilian half Ecuadorian and I been living in the greatest city of the world, NYC for almost 4 years.

Yes, yes and yes, everything that you see, hear and imagine about New York is true; a magical city, full of life, art, music, fashion, work, love, party and of course DREAMS.

When I moved a few years ago I had so many ideas of how I will make my life here, I knew what i wanted and YES I was ready to start my new life.

Of course everything change after the first day when the city start to eat you alive while you just try to walk in the streets, lost in the eyes of people who look at you like a tourist or most like a lost monkey trying to find mama.

But nah, Latinos we are stubborns and we always find a way in the dark. After the first 2 or 3 weeks I finally start to memorize the subway stations, trying to get faster while I’m walking and of course always in my right (how NYC people walk, always to your right so people can go faster and pass you if they need), start eating dinner at 10 pm because 7 is too early for it, start going out at 1 am because the party go until 6 am.

You guys wanna know something funny about NYC, almost no one is from NYC!!! everyone is from somewhere else, as I like to call it, New York City is an international airport for the world where everyone have a spot open, where everyone can dress, talk, and be who ever you want to be.


New York City


And yes NOW I AM WHO I WANTED TO BE 4 year ago, of course some of my dreams have changed to new ones, some of them I just put them in the trash.

I think I fail more times than I win, but every single time I learn something new and that’s life.

Dream, Fail and Learn.



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