Gay VIDEO Trailer – “The Victorians” Follows the Fatal Attraction of Two Brothers


The Victorians follows the fatal attractions of a pair of brothers. One is fighting his homosexuality and love for a sadist, the other succumbing to his love for a prostitute. Their moral battles act as the fuel for their thievery, leaving Amsterdam’s tourists dry in their path of self destruction. We meet Joey, their naive American victim whose vulnerability leaves him prey to the sadist’s sexual games and introduces him to the Amsterdam underground homosexual liberation.

It’s lust, addiction, deceit, and everything in between. It’s the royal rogues of Amsterdam.

Libby Watt (Post Production Coordinator) explained, “We created this film in a bid to celebrate homosexuality and LGBT rights across the world, not just in Amsterdam. We wanted to strive from stereotype and cover controversial topics such as gay fetish clubs, gay marriage and struggling to come to terms with your own sexual preference. “

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