Top 10 Reasons to See ‘DAWN OF JUSTICE’


Let the blockbuster movie season begin! Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters nationwide today. Why should you see this movie?

1. Henry Cavill


Look at that perfect specimen of man…SUPER man to be correct.

2. Henry Cavill looks good wet.


3. Henry Cavill looks good dry.

Henry Cavill dune

4. Look at him with a dog. Damn, I wanna buy a ticket to Dawn of Justice.

Henry Cavill

5. Did I mention Henry Cavill looks good wet?

Henry Cavill wet

6. And sweaty…

Henry Cavill Workout

7. And sweatier…

henry cavill superman

8. And sweatiest…Look! He is all wet again!

Henry Cavill

9. He is not afraid to touch another man…just look at that sensual grope…

batman superman

10. He is not afraid to use his X-Ray vision to see what kind of trouble he is gettin’ into later…

Henry Cavill


11. Go see Dawn of Justice for Henry Effin’ Cavill

Henry Cavill

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