Strangers Have this Transgender Woman’s Back on “What Would You Do”


The television show  “What Would You Do?”  challenged a group of shoppers to see if they would intervene when a transgender woman is being misgendered and humiliated.

“What Would You Do?” is a hidden camera TV show that places unsuspecting strangers in a situation where they are forced to make a judgement call about how they will respond to each situation. In this episode of “What Would You Do,” a transgender woman is shopping for dresses when a sales associate begins making transphobic remarks, including calling her “sir” and asking if the dress is for a “costume.”

We were so relieved and happy to see that every stranger taking part in this episode of “What Would You Do?” comes to the aid of the distraught trans woman!  The world is changing and becoming more open minded and this video offers a glimpse of hope to all LGBTQ people!

Check it out the video below and log into MOOVZ and #genderproud