VIDEO: US of Aurora-Episode 1


The scariest and most liberating thing you can do is to put yourself out there, honestly and unapologetically as yourself. It’s when you start living life on your own terms that it truly begins. I always knew I liked boys, I always knew I didn’t fit in and I didn’t want to. I wanted to be me and had I not been blessed with a loving supportive family I probably wouldn’t be the accomplished, happy young woman that I am today.

When I won Miss Gay USofA a few months ago, I knew that I had an opportunity not only to share my story with the world but the stories, hopes and dreams of many people. Thanks to my friends at MOOVZ and with the blessing of USofA Pageants…that opportunity is now a reality ?

For the next year, I invite you to join me on my tour as I explore LGBTQ America and all the beautiful people in it. I hope you will enjoy this documentary series as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. This was a labor of love and I am beyond grateful and thankful to all of the amazing people you are about to meet!!!

This is my story. This is OUR story. This is US of Aurora!