VIDEO: 5 Music videos every lesbian should watch



Lets admit it, when it comes to music videos, we are all suckers for a good lesbian story!

Here are some of the best songs with a lesbian theme which you probably didn’t know about:

Another Story – The Head and the Heart

This soft and mellow song is perfect for a road trip. The video is set in a typical small town, the kind you would want to escape from. The sights are beautiful, not to mention the costumes. If you were ever a Pretty Little Liars fan, you will be delighted to finally see Troian Bellisario playing a lesbian. However, like every single lesbian love story, the video takes a dark twist towards the end.


Sick of Losing Soulmates- Dodie

Sticking with the tragedy of lesbianism, is this acoustic song called Sick of Losing Soulmates. Dodies voice is beautifully calming and slow. This easy-to-listen-to tune tells the story of two girls who  fall out of love, and the difficulty of staying friends after a breakup. Soulmates, after all, are not only romantic partners.



Girls Like Girls-Hayley Kiyoko

Ok, I must admit this is my favourite song, and many of you have probably heard it before. The song is amazing and the lyrics incredibly accurate, girls like girls like boys do, nothing new. Right?! Anyway, the music video, which is more like a short film, portrays every lesbian girls dream. After a few twists and turns, the straight girl finally realises that the love of her life has been next to her this whole time, disguised none other than her best friend. Stephanie Scotts performance is superb, almost making us believe that she is a lesbian too. What a way to break out of the Disney scene right?



Her Lover-Ally Hills

Who doesnt love a good Ally Hills Cover? If you ship the Stevie/Ally relationship this song will definitely end up on your most played playlist. The readaptation of Steve Nickssong Rihannon is played, sang and starred by Ally Hills. The music video will probably make you tingle inappropriately when you see Steve Boebi wearing a button-down and knee high socks. Also, the intimate scenes between the couple? HOT!



Sleepover-Hayley Kiyoko

Last but not least, is this song by Hayley Kiyoko (yes, another one, because why not?), that takes us into the mind of every lesbian girl who has fallen in love with her best friend. The music video is the perfect combination between sexy and sweet, and will most likely get you in trouble for watching it at school. Watch it if you dare, and good luck at your next sleepover with your best friend ;). It seems that Hayley Kiyoko knows the lesbian psique better than anybody else.


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