VIDEO: Ben Hazlewood sheds light on the LGBT community in “Darkest Hour”

Australian-based artist Ben Hazlewood performed last Thursday during the 2nd Annual Australian LGBTI Awards where he officially released the music video for Darkest Hour.
This emotional and inspiring video comes in perfect timing for the LGBT pride celebartions worldwide and on the light of recent events during the last year that impacted the LGBT community such as the anniversary of the attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando a year ago. It also sheds light on how love prevails within the community no matter what!
 “This song is a reminder that through the darkness there is still light and strength within you to keep the fight alive. The video is a celebration of the LGBT community and everything that’s been achieved throughout the years working together to support each other as a community. A tribute to all the people that have paved the way for the future generations to grow and live with more love, understanding and acceptance.” –– Ben Hazlewood


Ben Hazlewood is a fiercely independent singer and songwriter who has the experience of someone twice his age, and a broad love of music that makes his own something timeless and wholly distinctive amidst a sea of aspiring voices. Find out more about his music on Itunes.

¡Thank you Ben for inspiring our community his this strong message!

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