VIDEO: Jazzercise Just Got a 2016 Makeover


Cheap Undies continues their colorful dance video series with a video that would even make Richard Simmons smile!   The video will make you want to throw on some bright tights and take a dance aerobics class.

It is about time jazzercise made a comeback, don’t you think?  Even Wikipedia agrees:

“In 2015, the company began a rebranding project aimed at addressing misconceptions of the brand as dated. The success of the brand in the 1980s had proven to be a branding burden. In fact, the brand has continued to evolve over the years, incorporating modern trends in fitness as well as modern music. The rebranding project incorporated such taglines as “you think you know us, but you don’t,” and “breaking 80s barriers,” and “our only throwback is our right hook.” A new logo, new colors, and new focus are designed to appeal to women. As founder Judi Sheppard Missett notes, Jazzercise left headbands and spandex and the 1980s behind a long time ago. The rebrand is focused on dispelling outdated views of the company and its products.”

We are down for a Jazzercise come back, why not?!  Check out #fitness on MOOVZ, click here!