VIDEO: Five inspirational moms give out message to the LGBT Community


In Moovz, we decided to celebrate the mothers of people in the LGBT community, and thats why we made a video in which five Moovz users shared their experiences in the LGBT world,  and the growth process that they shared with their moms.  


The video is very emotional, because sons/daughters and mothers opened up and shared their feelings, the hardest moments, the period of acceptance, and everything they have gone through in order to be in front of a camera today, speaking openly about such personal issues such as their kidssexuality.


They also give a short but very powerful message to other mothers and kids who are still in the closet:  please accept your children.


We know that having our mothers support along our acceptance process and coming out is vital, because that allows us to stop being afraid and become empowered as human beings, at least in the family circle. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy process, that is why with this video we attempt to show real people who have gone through this process, all different but with a common goal: Having unconditional support from our mothers during this tough process.

We hope that this video will help those who are going through a hard time and know, that at the end of the day it is a process. Its ok if it isnt always easy, because in the end it wont be as hard and they will be able to feel free. It will all be worth it.


With this video we want to applaud those mothers who, despite their own personal process of accepting their children, have decided to respect them, support them and cherish them no matter what.


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Thank you mom!