VIDEO: An emotional video-summary of the World Pride 2017 in Madrid


As many of you know, Moovz was World Pride Madrid 2017 official social media app.

The week was incredible, all the events turned out as they were planed and we enjoyed covering every single one of them. It was such an exciting event that we want you to get a little taste of it. Here is the video ☝️ so you all can enjoy a little taste of what happened in the great event of the year of the LGTB community.


We hope you all will truly enjoy it!


Oh! and don’t forget that in 2 years the World Pride will be in NYC, don’t wait now that you know so begin saving so we can all be there together.


Check out the best moments of the World Pride Madrid 2017 from those who lived it close enough on #WorldPride2017 on Moovz.