WATCH: The Top 20 LGBT Videos of 2016


2016 has come to an end and it has really been quite a year for the LGBT Community.  As a way to remember 2016 and a way to celebrate 2017, we decided to put together a blog of “The Top 20 LGBT Videos of 2016.”   We really tried to choose a little something for everyone.   These videos inspired us, made us laugh, made us cry, and showed the world a little more about our community.   Which video inspired you the most?  Post it now… on MOOVZ !

20.  Lad gaverne tale:  This Beautiful Danish Trans, gets a gift she will never forget.

19,  Mannequin Challenge: As the Mannequin challenge took over the world, this Cheap Undies video quickly got 1.5 million views on Facebook!

18.  Haus of Edwards:  Audience Warmup-Fresh of their performance with Miley Cyrus, these drag queens worked it out!

17.  Idan Matalon & Eliad Cohen:  These sexy men perform a hilarious version of a telenovela.

16.  Lesbian Brazilian Ruby Players Engaged:  At the Olympics!

15.  Golden Girls Safe Sex Remake:  Impulse Group in Los Angeles got really creative and redid a classic Golden Girls episode as a safe sex ad!

14.  Gigi Gorgeous Comes Out as a Lesbian:  Gigi helps break down the stereotypes about gender and sexuality, when she comes out as a lesbian.

13.  Si a todo, de Roberto Perez Toledo

12.  Hershey’s Gay Family Advertisment

11.  Lesbian Grandmas!  Beautiful!  This was a HUGE hit on Facebook!

10.  Proud to Be:  Coming Together to Celebrate Identity

9. Watch this beautiful couple get engaged!  Love!

8.  Tel Aviv Pride:  Look at all of these beautiful faces!

7.  Alaska Thunderfuck-The T:  The video that had everyone talking!

6. Por Un Beso:  Beautiful and Tragic!!

5.  Brian Justin Crum:  This anti-bullying messaged inspired so many people!

4.  Golden:  This video is breath taking!

3.  ID2P:  This video got almost 2 million views on Facebook and raised a lot of awareness for transgender rights!

2, Ellen DeGeneres Medal of Freedom Award:   The raw emotion in this video is just beautiful!

1.  Sia-The Greastest:  Honoring the Victims of the Pulse attack