VIDEO: Fight between two volleyball players ends up with a KISS!


What if all fights ended up with a kiss?

I would like to believe that besides giving the best example ever, it would also be a little bit sexy.

This unusual event happened during an “All Star” league volleyball match in Japan between two of the players, Yu Yamamoto and Takuya Takamatsu.

It all started when one of the players disagreed on a foul marked by the referee and started complaining to the player of the opposite team. This then developed into a hot discussion between both of them who eventually ended up arguing face to face. In addition, there were some pushy hands and this is when the whole picture looked that it was not going to end up good.

Suddenly something that you don’t see very often on sport fights happened, they wrapped it up with a kiss, and there you go! Problem solved!

Surprisingly, none of both players is known to be gay or bisexual; they stated that they are very close and they love each other as brothers. This resulted into a very  positive reaction on social media since you don’t need to be gay to end up a discussion with a love gesture.

We just love seeing these affection demonstrations whether they are gay or not because it breaks stereotypes apart and promotes empathy between people even though they are competing against each other.

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