VIDEO: Disney Cartoon w/ Wanda Sykes Features Lesbian Moms!


Doc McStuffins, a Disney Junior show which is aimed at preschoolers, featured two lesbians as the moms and one is the voice of Wanda Sykes!

In the “The Emergency Plan,” episode, a lesbian couple and their children have to leave their house because of an earthquake.   The concept behind the episode is to teach children the importance of having an emergency plan.

“With this episode, they see a family that looks like our family,” said Wanda Sykes, a lesbian actress who plays one of the same-sex partners. “We’re two moms… it’s going to be very exciting for [my kids] to see our family represented.”

During “The Emergency Plan” one mom and a child are separated from the other mom and child, and then reunited at the end.   We love happy endings!

Watch the video below and log into MOOVZ and #family !