Rodiney Santiago Wants to Motivate YOU to Hit the Gym!


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t look the way you want to look right now. Don’t get upset if you’re not lifting the weight you want to lift yet either.

Everyone starts somewhere, if you’re actively pursuing a better healthier lifestyle in the gym then you are WAY AHEAD of billions of people who just don’t care and would rather be lazy. ??

The motivation coming from a personal trainer is vital to teach you How to exercises and for the person to continue to train, but also the greatest motivation has to come from yourself, if you don’t keep motivated you will give up soon the gym, ? a council to stay motivated is watching videos of motivation, read motivational texts, look up to someone who could change his shape from stories of people who overcame obesity, anorexia, alcoholism, smoking or other drugs to become a successful athlete and inspiring shape, there is so many people just look for one of them and look up! ??

Don’t give up! #rodineymotivation #personaltrainer #gethealthy #getfit #mansionfitness#mikeruiz #getmotivated #getyourasstothegym

If you have any questions you can message me on MOOVZ!  In the mean time, check out this leg workout!