Music VIDEO: “Broken Mirrors” by Justin Michael Williams- Powerful World Premiere!


Moovz is honored to present the world premiere of the latest song and music video by the talented Justin Michael Williams, “Broken Mirrors.”  One of the most popular moments inside the app (Moovz) is #bodypride.   We live in a day and age where society puts so much pressure on everyone to have perfect bodies and no one feels this pressure more than the gay community.  In the video, “Broken Mirrors” Justin Michael Williams sings about his struggle with his own body issues and the video gives you visuals on how photo shop and editing are making our body image issues even more distorted.  What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Justin explained,

“Sometimes we look in the mirror and all we see are the things that are wrong. We see the bodies we wish we had, the weight we want to loose…  
They used to tell me… 
You’re too fat. 
You’re too old. 
You’re too ugly. 
You’re too gay. 
You’re not good enough.
This video is about how incredible it would be if we could only look in the mirror and see how powerful we all really are.”  
Watch the official “Broken Mirrors” video:

Justin Michael William’s vision for the song and video are such a complete perfect fit for #bodypride, so Moovz decided to incorporate the message into the app in an even bigger  way.   Moovz is offering their users a chance to be a part of a world-wide LGBT fan video for #bodypride that will feature the song “Broken Mirrors.”    All you have to do is log into MOOVZ  and upload a photo of yourself in a mirror that shows you are comfortable in your own skin, you can do that HERE.   For more details on the #bodypride project, see the video below!