Hillary Clinton Slams Trump on LGBT Rights

Hillary Clinton recently spoke at The LGBT Center in New York about LGBT rights.  She warned, “The progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we’ve celebrated and maybe even taken for granted, may not be as secure as we once expected.” Clinton also spoke on the situation […]

Lesbian Music Video

VIDEO: 5 Music videos every lesbian should watch

  Let’s admit it, when it comes to music videos, we are all suckers for a good lesbian story! Here are some of the best songs with a lesbian theme which you probably didn’t know about: Another Story- The Head and the Heart This soft and mellow song is perfect for a road trip. The […]


PHOTOS! Celebrate 4:20… Sexy Boys Who Smoke Weed!

  Today is 4:20 and weed smokers across the globe are celebrating.   The legalization of cannabis seems inevitable for most of the United States in the near future.   This has turned something that used to be considered taboo into a normal daily activity, much like having a cocktail.    But..where does the term 4:20 […]

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VIDEOS & Interview with Jeffrey Sanker on White Party 2017

1.  Congrats on the success of last year’s White Party.  Tell us what made last year’s party so memorable and how it inspired this year? Thank you so much! What made last year’s party so special was the out of this world performance by Offer Nissim. He’s a consummate performer, and a top notch DJ. […]


15 days in jail for sharing this Putin’s meme in Russia

  Russian president Vladimir Putin’s government is famous for being publicly anti-LGBT. Years ago he passed on policies which will ban any kind of ‘gay propaganda’ in Russia.   Media sources such as CNN recently informed that the Russian government has determined that it is 100% illegal to spread on social media the meme in […]

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Bryan Fischer Tweets that LGBT People Stole the Rainbow from God

  Bryan Fischer is at it again, he just tweeted that gay people stole the rainbow from GOD!  Yes, we are serious, he really just sent out that tweet! For those of you who don’t know who Bryan Fischer is, you can read more about him below, thanks to Wikipedia. Bryan Jonathan Fischer (born April […]

LGBT Trans Video

TRANSGENDER: Mila Jam releases a beautiful and inspirational video called “Faces”

A video made by members from the transgender community about one’s self acceptance, inner beauty, and sense of belonging. This message is made even stronger by being released for trans visibility day, which is March 31st.    The video also features the well known “Faces” of  Candis Cayne, Lina Bradford, Laverne Cox, Titus Burgess, Jai Rodriguez, Peppermint, […]

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Diversity in Silicon Valley: A flap over Twitter

From The Economist Events: Pride and Prejudice  Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, and one of the best known faces of that problem is Twitter. The lack of women on its board or in its senior management prompted criticism of the messaging site ahead of its initial public offering in 2013, and has dogged the […]