Hillary Clinton Slams Trump on LGBT Rights

Hillary Clinton recently spoke at The LGBT Center in New York about LGBT rights.  She warned, “The progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we’ve celebrated and maybe even taken for granted, may not be as secure as we once expected.” Clinton also spoke on the situation […]

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Actress and singer Lea Michele is set to release her upcoming sophomore album Places on April 28 via Columbia Records.  The 11 track album features the previously released “Love Is Alive”, “Anything’s Possible,”  “Run To You” and “Getaway Car.” Following three intimate sold out shows at New York’s Appel Room and Los Angeles’ The Broad […]


PHOTOS! Celebrate 4:20… Sexy Boys Who Smoke Weed!

  Today is 4:20 and weed smokers across the globe are celebrating.   The legalization of cannabis seems inevitable for most of the United States in the near future.   This has turned something that used to be considered taboo into a normal daily activity, much like having a cocktail.    But..where does the term 4:20 […]

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VIDEOS & Interview with Jeffrey Sanker on White Party 2017

1.  Congrats on the success of last year’s White Party.  Tell us what made last year’s party so memorable and how it inspired this year? Thank you so much! What made last year’s party so special was the out of this world performance by Offer Nissim. He’s a consummate performer, and a top notch DJ. […]

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RPDR: Why Did Charlie Hides Give Up? Broken Ribs?

The name on everyone’s newsfeed this morning is Charlie Hides.  Charlie has been a fan favorite even before she joined RuPaul’s Drag Race with over 20 million views on her hilarious YouTube channel.   Charlie had so many people rooting for her and many of those people are now upset with her because what just went […]


15 days in jail for sharing this Putin’s meme in Russia

  Russian president Vladimir Putin’s government is famous for being publicly anti-LGBT. Years ago he passed on policies which will ban any kind of ‘gay propaganda’ in Russia.   Media sources such as CNN recently informed that the Russian government has determined that it is 100% illegal to spread on social media the meme in […]

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Stoli Cocktail Classic-Roger Lords wins in Miami!

Congratulations to Roger Lords of Score-Miami for winning the 2017 Miami tour stop of the Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic… Roger’s third year competing!! Roger won with his Cayo Hueso Vacation created with Stoli Gluten Free. Roger will be playing for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Key West.June 7-12 2017. Congrats Roger! Join the real part […]

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TRANSGENDER: Mila Jam releases a beautiful and inspirational video called “Faces”

A video made by members from the transgender community about one’s self acceptance, inner beauty, and sense of belonging. This message is made even stronger by being released for trans visibility day, which is March 31st.    The video also features the well known “Faces” of  Candis Cayne, Lina Bradford, Laverne Cox, Titus Burgess, Jai Rodriguez, Peppermint, […]

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