Gay brother and straight sister fighting over hot pool boy in new Coca Cola’s ad


‘The Pool boy’

Warmer months are coming ahead, and Coca-Cola has pulled out its latest ad campaign with the release of a video spot presenting a sister and a brother fighting over winning the attention of the hot pool boy, who in the end wins the attention of another family member. The ad itself is a fine piece of LGBT marketing since it positions the brand’s views on diversity and inclusion.


This ad is part of a global campaign named “Taste the Feeling”, in which Coca-Cola intends to position an iced Coke as a desired object next to another one (The pool boy of course!). However, presenting an emotional, real, and contemporary story in order to align their product benefits with their company values is also something that Coke marketeers had in mind when pulling out this advertising piece.


The video spot is hilarious while it leads you through the whole story until reaching an unexpected finale. It is really cool as well  to realize the possibility of seeing modern families and inclusion playing together on building life moments like these, which we had probably never thought about seeing years ago. This is for sure an evolution in marketing since we are talking about the awareness of global companies on relating LGBT inclusiveness with emotional, true and daily life stories which do happen nowadays.


Check it out! Sweating is allowed!


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