The Most Romantic LGBTQ Hotel is in Venice, Italy!


Can you picture yourself on a romatic Italian getaway, and staying at a hotel exclusively thought for the LGBTQ Community but opened for everybody? 


The new LGBTQ destination to visit is in Italy, and it happens to be one of its most beautiful cities, Venice. Our friends from Axel Hotels have opened their new location in this stunning city, located as far as just a 10 minute walk away from the famous Piazza San Marco.


Axel Hotel Venezia holds 43 rooms styled in the Italian wat, just as many of Venice’s most iconics buildings. Some of the rooms have a spectacular view to the famous Grand Canal. What matters less is if you are single or partnered, however, a sweet and romantic honeymoon doesn’t seem too bad for this new Axel Hotel’ s destination.

We also know that fun is a must for Axel Hotel, therefore you will also find the Ground Bar by Axel, a perfect spot for those who are still single or available to meet up with hot guys and gals.


Congratulations to Axel Hotels on their new opening! Yet another LGBTQ space where anybody is welcome, respected and valued, despite any prejudice on their sexual orientation. 


Are you interested in taking any vacations to Italy anytime soon? Then see you at Axel Hotel Venezia and let’s fall in love with this majestical European city. Book your trip now at 👉


See you in Venezia! Ciao!