National LGBTQ Arts Center to be opened thanks to SF Gay Men’s Chorus


The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has announced that is launching its own LGBTQ Arts Center.

The Chorus has taken over a $9.6 M, 1930 art deco building at Valencia Street. It will be the first time that the Chorus will hold a permanent resident.

The SF Gay Men’s Chorus is arguably the most famous gay choir in the world. It was formed back in 1978 and is well known for its extraordinary performances and recordings.

The new venue, besides being the new home for the Chorus, it will also evolve into a full-equipped LGBTQ arts center. Totally suitable for one of the most gay-friendly sanctuaries in America.

The Chorus hope to begin programming events from the fall onwards.

The way we envision this space is really being a community space, so being able to bring in more LGBTQ arts organizations,’ said Executive Director Chris Verdugo.

‘As we introduce this into the community, a big piece of that will be aligning ourselves with other various LGBTQ arts organizations who need rehearsal space, who need small performance spaces.’

We are so looking forward having this venue opened soon. Congrats to the SF Gay Men’s Chorus, we expect to assist to any of your amazing performances anytime from now!

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Source Gay Star News.