The Most Famous LGBTQ Hotel has arrived to America.


“Let’s change hate for LOVE” is Axel Hotel’s new slogan for their most recent video-campaign on their latest opening in America.

This stunning and exciting campaign by Axel Hotels brings a totally different version of what history has told us about Europe coming into America. Its main goal is to break up all the misconceptions about the relationship between both continents through a message of love, inclusion and respect for diversity in all of its presentations.

We may remember that Europe’s ever first landing into America resulted into an unfortunate conflict, and it marked history with violence and conflict. Today, progress and Axel Hotels tell the story in a different way. We look back to the past in order to redesign the future with a love flag to symbolize respect within all cultures and lifestyles.



This campaign was directed by Barcelona based creative Kike Doatis, and it was shooted by a big production team, including staff and models who belong to the LGBTQ Community


If you haven’t been to any of Axel Hotels, we highly recommend any of their global destinations. Their concept has been a turning point signature for LGBTQ Tourism and Hospitality worldwide, to the point that they refer to themselves as a “hetero-friendly” hotel chain. Since their first opening back in 2003 in Barcelona, their style, along with their high-class service have taken them into a success path with recent openings in Berlin, Ibiza and Venezia.


We are so proud to welcome Axel Hotels in America with its first hotel in the continent, the AxelBeach Miami. Discover this new destination and let yourself get pampered by all the beauty of Florida’s most fun and exciting LGBTQ destination.