PHOTOS! Celebrate 4:20… Sexy Boys Who Smoke Weed!

  Today is 4:20 and weed smokers across the globe are celebrating.   The legalization of cannabis seems inevitable for most of the United States in the near future.   This has turned something that used to be considered taboo into a normal daily activity, much like having a cocktail.    But..where does the term 4:20 […]

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VIDEOS & Interview with Jeffrey Sanker on White Party 2017

1.  Congrats on the success of last year’s White Party.  Tell us what made last year’s party so memorable and how it inspired this year? Thank you so much! What made last year’s party so special was the out of this world performance by Offer Nissim. He’s a consummate performer, and a top notch DJ. […]

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VIDEOS: Meth is Killing the LGBT Community

Something is killing our community. We continue to lose too many of our loved ones to addiction. Check out the four part series of Chasing Tina by Impulse Group, below.   You can learn more, on MOOVZ. If you or someone you know are struggling with an addiction to methamphetamine, please visit:      

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Israel’s Air Force shows LGBT inclusiveness on Family Day

This past weekend Family Day was celebrated in Israel, and the country’s Air Force (IAF) decided to post in their official Facebook page some pictures to portrait and support all types of modern Israeli families who have served in their units. Out of the pictures they published, one took the attention of the entire site making […]

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VIDEO: Mannequin Challenge-A House Full of Half Naked Men!

Moovz just released a new moment #mannequinchallenge and at the same time Cheap Undies just released a new “Mannequin Challenge” video that has about 30 of the hottest guys you have ever seen!  Check out the video below and then upload your favorite #mannequinchallenge videos to MOOVZ

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MOOVZ in the City! Barcelona! Wow!

MOOVZ in the City! Barcelona! Wow! A culture capital of Europe, Barcelona is bursting with life, love and boys from all around the world. Spain, the most visited gay tourist destination in Europe, boasts it’s second city as one of the best gay destinations in the world. In this ancient Mediterranean metropolis, gay life is bursting from […]