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Pride Month Is Here! Is Your Brand Pride-Ready?

It’s this time of the year again, and LGBT individuals all over the world are getting ready for the annual pride events. Pride month is a month of traveling, partying and celebrations, and this carries a huge opportunity for LGBT-Friendly brands and organizations to position themselves in front of the right audience and penetrate the […]


Costco Owes Tiffany & Co. $19 Million After Selling Fake Rings! Damn!

Costco owes Tiffany & Co. over $19 million because they were selling fake diamond rings advertised as “Tiffany.” Costco made $3.7 million selling 2,500 diamond rings falsely identified as “Tiffany,” the Washington Post reported, citing a 2015 verdict. Costco argued that the diamond rings had a pronged setting known as “Tiffany,” but the jewelry company argued the store’s use of […]

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EVENTS: Moovz ready to take over the South Florida Market

Moovz, the biggest LGBT social network is speeding up its global growth and its next target is the South Florida Market. Powered by Miami based Share Media Agency, Moovz will boost its international presence through exclusive VIP events to celebrate this release in South Florida with the aim to be able to connect with influencers, businesses, […]

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Gill Foundation Donates Over 300 Million in Support of LGBTQ Charities

Tim Gill, a Colorado high-tech multimillionaire warns that his Gill foundation will “ punish the wicked ”—anyone who is against the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. The Gill Foundation was created with a $300 million endowment to promote LGBT legislation.  Based in Denver, the foundation has worked against religious freedom measures since 1994. “It’s […]

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Transgender Models Hired by PETA for the First Time for Rather Go Naked..

Amsterdam – Holland’s Next Top Model winner Loiza Lamers and Men’s Health Germany cover star Benjamin Melzer appear together in a fearless new PETA campaign proclaiming, “Transform Your Wardrobe – Don’t Wear Fur.” The ad featuring the stripped-down transgender models is the latest edition of PETA’s iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” The […]


China Bans Homosexuality from All Online Content! Unbelievable!

China released a new regulation Friday banning any display of “abnormal sexual behaviors,” whatever in the hell that means!  Apparently in China, this includes homosexuality activities in any online video and audio content. The regulation, published by the China Netcasting Services Association has strict censorship rules for any online content including movies and documentaries and […]

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Meet Pet Rainbow – A Toy On A Mission to Unite a Divided World

Alyssa Pulice, Creative Director, announces the launch of The Pet Rainbow Project. Their main goal is to teach core values that inspire positive behaviors so that together we can put an end to racism, bullying, violence and hate crimes. “Pet Rainbow is a soft touch that we need in our divided world. It’s time that […]

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Gay French Fries? McDonald’s Celebrates PRIDE!

McDonald’s is joining the fun and celebrating Pride with the LGBTQ community by selling limited edition rainbow french fry boxes. “The rainbow fry boxes are a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognizable items; however, these fry boxes are ‘small potatoes’ in the grand […]

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Diversity in Silicon Valley: A flap over Twitter

From The Economist Events: Pride and Prejudice  Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, and one of the best known faces of that problem is Twitter. The lack of women on its board or in its senior management prompted criticism of the messaging site ahead of its initial public offering in 2013, and has dogged the […]

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A handmaiden of progress?

From The Economist Events: Pride and Prejudice What a controversial film says about changing attitudes in South Korea on LGBT issues THE film’s suggestiveness begins with a  toothache. “It hurts,” a lady cries innocently, indulging on a lollipop. Peering into the woman’s mouth, our eponymous Handmaiden notices a sharp tooth jutting into the side of her […]

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YouTube confesses to hiding LGBT content in their restricted mode. GiGi Gorgeous & Tyler Oakley OUTRAGED!

YouTube (owned by Google) has a “restricted mode” that aims to “screen out potentially objectionable content”. But a number of prominent YouTubers (GiGi Gorgeous, Tyler Oakley, Rowan Ellis)  noticed that LGBTQ videos appeared to be hidden as part of that censorship, which has rightfully caused quite a stir! In the latest news, YouTube has now admitted that such […]

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#LoveIsDiverse: The Magnum LGBT advertising that will make you feel pleasure goosebumps

Hooray!!! for Magnum on joining the list of those LGBT friendly brands who say “Yes to Diversity!” and “Love is Love!”. The ice-cream brand just published this beautiful advertising clip celebrating same sex marriage. Along with the video, they also released a breathtaking statement where they fully supported and endorsed love in diversity by declaring that: […]

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Texas Hunks Pose with Homeless Dogs to Help Them Get Adopted!

Fortunately, for dog and muscles lovers alike, several Texas men in uniform, firemen, cops, and army vets, have teamed up with local rescue pups to make a sexy 2017 calendar for a good cause! The photographer, Ricki Beason, created the annual calendar to raise money for Texas dog rescues. “Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs 2017″ is […]

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The Government Is Spending 1 Million To Figure Out If Lesbians Drink Too Much?!

The National Institutes of Health is spending nearly $1 million on a study of lesbian couples to see if stress makes them drink too much. The grant awarded to Old Dominion University will involve lesbians filling out daily diaries about their romantic relationships to determine what causes them to drink. “Sexual minority women (i.e., women who self-identify […]

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Bud Light Shows Support for Transgender Community in New Ad!

Thank you Bud Light for showing that beer ads don’t have to be targeted towards any particular gender or sexual preference.  Bud Light has really been leading the way when it comes to featuring diversity in their ads. “Gender identity, it’s really a spectrum, and we don’t need these labels!,” Schumer shouts in the 30-second […]