YouTube confesses to hiding LGBT content in their restricted mode. GiGi Gorgeous & Tyler Oakley OUTRAGED!


YouTube (owned by Google) has a “restricted mode” that aims to “screen out potentially objectionable content”. But a number of prominent YouTubers (GiGi Gorgeous, Tyler Oakley, Rowan Ellis)  noticed that LGBTQ videos appeared to be hidden as part of that censorship, which has rightfully caused quite a stir!

In the latest news, YouTube has now admitted that such videos are being hidden, but says that it only does so to ensure that people don’t see videos that deal with “more sensitive issues”.

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform – they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about,” replied one of the YouTube creators. “The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience.”

“LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be. We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns.”

This may seem reasonable, BUT these restrictions include LGBT videos that relate to  “health, politics and sexuality.”

Even more concerning is that MOST of the  videos being hidden don’t appear to deal with anything explicit or adult.  Even videos including those looking at LGBT models or make-up tutorials posted by trans users were hidden, according to the content creators.

GiGi Gorgeous and Rowan Ellis both responded with a videos and statements on social media, watch them below.

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