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The Luscious Lifestyle w/ Blake Sterling : Perfect Fat Free Cookie Recipe

Hey Guys & Gals~ Think you can’t make cookies without oil or butter…WRONG! Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to get those bodies snatched and get you feeling your best. BUT that doesn’t mean we have to starve ourselves and not cheat a little, right?! We’ll here I come to save the day with […]

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The Luscious Lifestyle w/ Blake Sterling: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Hey Guys & Gals~ I’m beyond excited to join the on the On the Moovz blog family and share my tips to living The Luscious Lifestyle with you. My passion for living life in a more beautiful, organized and thoughtful way will influence all that I share. You’ll get a taste of personal tips, tricks […]

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Ricardo’s Beauty Bar: Tone that Blonde Hair!

Nothing brings me more excitement than to finally be starting blogging with On the Moovz!   I will be sharing my tips and tricks that I have learned along my career in beauty.  Everyone in my life has played a major role in shaping me to be the artist that I am and being able […]

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Healthier Cocktail Options

It seems like more people than ever have jumped on the dry January bandwagon. For those of you who aren’t aware, dry January is pretty self-explanatory: not drinking alcohol for January. It falls in line with New Year, New You, and all sorts of resolutions that are meant to last a year but are lucky […]

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Desserts Without the Guilt

What’s the top question I get from my followers about my food blog? “How do you stay so slim when you make so many yummy desserts”? Well. It’s simple. A. I bake it and take it (to the office). B. I’m at the gym 4 times a week. I hate it but I go. C. […]