COFFEE: This Year Summer Hit Is Here And Its Hot Hot Hot!


The new summer hit that has made everyone film themselves drinking coffee on social media has arrived!

Super Star DJ Sagi Kariv from Tel Aviv and L.A. based Israeli Diva Karina Kay the Israeli Diva did it again! Their new single COFFEE is beating hard on the most popular dance floors this summer.

This is not the first time the Israeli duo release yet another succesful hit. Kariv, one of the favorite DJs of the LGBT community has taken over the most important parties all over the world this past Pride season. On the other hand, Karina Kay has performed in several stages in the U.S. where she has sent to everybody out there a message of love, respect and diversity through her music.

COFFEE’s music video is here! Check out the hotties and upload a selfie of you enjoying a nice cup of coffee!