The Crisis is Real: LGBT’s are being murdered in Chechnya


It’s a fact! LGBTI people are still being tortured and killed in concentration camps in Chechnya. Moreover, chechen authorities continue to round-up people who they perceive to identify as LGBTI.

Several LGBT media sorces such as Moovz and Gay Star News have reported on how people are being detained in concentration camps, tortured in horrific ways, and in some cases, executed. Yet the Chechen authorities insist to deny that LGBTI people exist in their country.

Gay Star News have partnered with The Russian LGBT Network to raise awareness of this crisis within the global LGBTI community and to help those most at risk to escape to safety.

Donations to this ūüĎČ GoFundMe are in USD, and the money you can donate will be used to evacuate LGBTI people who are in the most danger and to pressure the Chechen authorities to stop this persecution.


Please join us on supporting this network who are helping to evacuate those in danger. Donate to the #ChechnyaInCrisis appeal today, there is hope!