Corazon Community Services Assists One Of Illinois Most Affected Areas On HIV Incidences.


Cicero, Illinois has the highest incidence of HIV in Cook County. This has raised an urgent need for comprehensive programs to be conducted. Integral sexual health education and orientation using a bilingual and bicultural approach to service its multicultural community. 

This is precisely what Corazon Community Services has been doing since they open their doors in 2003 for the whole community in Cicero. Their mission has been to improve the quality of life for children, youth, and families through holistic social services offered in a culturally sensitive environment.

Nowadays, HIV is preventable and treated in so many ways. The use of condoms remains one the most secure and most accessible method to stop the propagation of the virus. However, with medicine evolution, there are other options, such as the use of PrEp. When taking the latter, something is for sure; you need to get tested at least every 4 months to be aware of your condition. One thing is vital, to raise awareness of the culture on being tested regularly to detect, prevent, or treat with the right treatment.

At Corazon Community Services, they provide several services such as free rapid HIV & STD testing, PrEP referrals, and useful giveaways such as free bags with lubricants, male & female condoms, and clean syringes.

They also provide gang-related tattoo removals two Wednesdays per month. For more information, check Corazon’s 👉 Social Media Channels.

When starting a conversation surrounding these issues within the LGBT+ community in Cicero, and having such rates and figures, then awareness is crucial. All important messages they need to share are so relevant. Doors are open for everybody! *Se Habla Español*


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